Indigenous Institutional Educational Grants

The first part of our mission is to support indigenous education. We do this primarily through our program of indigenous institutional educational grants, which provides small grants to non-profit organizations working in the capacity of indigenous education.

Organizations that support the education of indigenous peoples may download and complete our institutional education grant application form to apply for one of these grants. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free from Adobe's website.) The application form includes instructions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding eligibility or the application procedure.

Recent Recipients

In 2021 we donated the second US$ 500 instalment of a US$ 1,000 grant to The Karen Hilltribes Trust. This organization has been working for many years inside indigenous Karen communities in northwest Thailand.

In 2020 we donated the first US$ 500 instalment of a US$ 1,000 grant to The Karen Hilltribes Trust in northwest Thailand. In May, 2021 we received a progress report. Please consider donating, by clicking the Donate menu on this page, if this is the kind of project you would like to support.

With this grant KHT has increased access to quality education for indigenous Karen children and young adults. Covid-19 has already had a devastating impact on education. In developing countries over a billion children are falling behind in their schooling. Based on the anticipated vaccination situation, this will only get worse. Access to education in Mae Hong Son Province in northwest Thailand was already difficult enough. It is now more important than ever that Karen children be able to continue attending school.

KHT has used this grant to help provide a daily school bus transport service for 396 students from thirty villages to ten schools. The grant also helped to provide three daily meals for 366 students living in dormitories across eight schools. There was a two-month interruption in the past school year because of the pandemic. But classes should begin again in early June.

Without this support, the school drop-out rate would be high — especially among girls. Two thirds of the school bus riders are girls, most of whose parents would not allow them to walk to school. Many of the dormitory residents are girls. Their families could not normally afford to send these girls to school.

In 2018 we donated the second US$ 500 instalment of a US$ 1,000 grant to Help for Education and Local Projects IN The Gambia (HELPING). In August, 2018 we received an updated progress report. With this grant HELPING has built and supplied an art area at Chamen in the Nianija district on the north bank of the River Gambia. This project helped indigenous children from the region to express themselves in art.

As soon as the materials arrived — paint, paintbrushes, art paper, glue etc. — the children put on their aprons and began using it. They did not want to wait for the art area to be painted! That painting will now have to wait until the end of the current semester. The children and their teachers send a big "thank you" to all our donors who made this possible. A similar project is now underway at Chessay Ma Jaw, where the bricks for that art area are now being made and construction will begin very soon.

In 2017 we donated the first US$ 500 instalment of a US$ 1,000 grant to Help for Education and Local Projects IN The Gambia (HELPING).

In 2016 we donated a total of US$ 300 to Centro Ecológico Maleku Araraf and Asociación de Guías Turísticos Indígenas Bribri de Talamanca. These grants helped the Maleku and Bribri indigenous peoples of Costa Rica to promote ecotourism-based educational programs that provide additional, sustainable income to their communities.

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