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Nature has always had all the answers — we just need to learn from indigenous people which questions to ask.

2022 opinion editorials.

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A documentary short film exploring the history and mythology of one of the natural wonders of the world.

A documentary short film exploring the spiritual beliefs of the indigenous Akha people of Southeast Asia.

Indigenous Peoples Documentary: Ancient and Modern Maya Peoples

A thousand years after their decline, the Maya are still shrouded in mystery. Enter their ancient world and find out who they were. Learn how counting twenties instead of tens shaped their world. Decipher their alphabet and learn how their fate may become our own fate.

Rent or buy Ancient and Modern Maya Peoples on Vimeo.

More documentaries.

Documentary Short Films: Indigenous Culture and Knowledge

Spend a day with 2 Kazakh hunters and their eagles.

Life in 3 Guatemalan Maya communities compressed by timelapse video.

Watch a Kazakh nomad home built in just minutes.

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