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The inability to heed red flags may be part of the human condition.

Flashback: our opinion editorial on world news from February 2018.

China's investments in Africa include exporting racial stereotypes and closed mindedness.

Our annual report for 2022.

We recently awarded an Institutional Educational Grant to Empathy International, a non-profit organization supporting indigenous education in northern Laos.

Indigenous Peoples Documentary: Ancient and Modern Mayan Peoples

A thousand years after their decline, the ancient Mayans are still shrouded in mystery. Enter their ancient world to uncover its secrets. Learn how their religious beliefs were formed from advanced science and observing the heavens long before Europeans arrived. Decipher their ancient writing — far more advanced than ours. Experience the daily life of their modern descendants and learn how their fate may become our own fate. Presented in Full HD (1920x1080p) at 60 fps. Educational package available.

Documentary Short Films: Indigenous Culture and Knowledge

Musical tradition, alcohol, clothing and jewelry help define a people and their culture.

A team of specialists creates new writing systems for Cambodia's indigenous languages.

From religion in the Philippines to corporate sponsorship in Laos, changes impact indigenous culture.

Travel Stories from Indigenous Communities

Visit this mighty river while you still can and discover its rich history and culture.

Peace and simplicity define the life of this religious minority in India.

Indigenous Kazakh nomads keep their culture alive in western Mongolia.

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