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Volunteer Travel Opportunities in South Asia

These programs allow travelers to combine their travel with volunteering. All programs listed in this directory involve working in some capacity with, and/or for the benefit of, indigenous people. Some of the programs are run by indigenous people. Please contact us if you know of a non-political, secular organization that should be added to this list.

Please note that this is a volunteer directory listing for information only. We are not a volunteer placement agency and we cannot help you apply for any of these programs. We make no representation about the experience you may have if you decide to volunteer for any of the organizations listed. We are not affiliated with any of these organizations and we do not represent them.

We recommend that you research the current situation in any region/country before traveling there and check for any visa requirements as well as travel advisories issued by your government. Please do not contact any organizations listed on this page stating that The Peoples of the World Foundation placed you or recommended you; you will be misrepresenting us as well as yourself.

Some of these opportunities may require or recommend some ability in the appropriate language.


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