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Indigenous Peoples: 2014 (hover to pause; click the photo for the full story)

The Maya re-enact an ancient ancestral ritual and teach us a lesson about Halloween.


Kaqchikel sisters teach us about the simple things in life.


The Itza Maya people in Guatemala teach us about the last imperial conquest of their people.


An Ixil Maya woman teaches us about genocide in San Gaspar Chajul, Guatemala.


A K'iche' Maya woman teaches us about her ancestors' writing system.


A Mopan Maya artisan in western Belize teaches us why his ancestors' brief history of time is not so brief.


A young K'iche' Maya boy teaches us about sport and politics.


A Mayan "jaguar" acrobat teaches us about the modern circus.


A Poqomchi' family teaches us about conflict resolution.


A Qeqchi man explains technology dyslexia.


A Tzotzil woman puts Christopher Columbus and Ebolus Day into perspective.


A young Tzutujil girl teaches us about the decline of empires and civilizations.

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