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Our short (14-minute) documentary about the indigenous Quichua people in South America, Mountain and Jungle Cousins is now available. Watch the preview below. This film is not rated. We consider it (and this trailer) unsuitable for young children.

If the video does not play correctly your browser may not support embedded video. Please watch the preview instead on Vimeo.

For private, home viewing: The documentary is available on DVD. It is shipped in a protective paper sleeve. Receive the DVD as our gift in return for your US$ 25 donation using PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below. Or donate using (please enter "Mountain and Jungle Cousins" under "Designate my donation"). Or please contact us to arrange to make your donation by check or money order.

For educators, NGOs and non-profit organizations/institutions: The educational edition, accompanied by extensive teachers' notes, is available on DVD for the cost of production and shipping. Please contact us if you are interested in further information on how to obtain the educational edition for your school, college university or other organization/institution. Commercial educational institutions may also contact us to apply for commercial educational licensing.

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